Collection: Global C

The Global C NeverLeak Takeaway Collection is a solution for the times. Plastic-free, these paperboard containers are premium, sustainable alternatives to the plastic or plastic-coated products currently used in the food service industry. They are 100% home and industrial compostable.

Global C makes the containers with the NeverLeak technology so they are leakproof and suitable for all types of takeaway food from pastas to salads, and curries to Asian stir fries. And remarkably, the containers can be frozen to -40℃ and safely heated in an oven to 180℃ or microwaved at high settings.

All containers come with the patented EasyClick closures, making them easy to handle for food prep people and consumers alike. Available in a wide range of common sizes, we think you'll find enough in this range to replace your current assortment. If not let us know.