Collection: Solubag Canada

Annually, 5 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide, 70% of them end up in the environment. Plastic can take up to 500 years to decompose. Nowadays, everyone is looking for a plastic alternative that will contain zero microplastics and be environmentally friendly.

In line with our commitment to promote Zero Emission Technology, Allego Global proudly and exclusively represents Solubag in the Canadian market. Solubag products are non-plastic, contain no heavy metals, and are soluble in the water.

Solubag is based on patented technology. This results in an Environmentally Friendly and Water Soluble products derived from PVA and natural substances. Thanks to this revolutionary composition, the nontoxic Solubag quickly dissolves. Place the nontoxic bags and carrier bags into the water and stir. They dissolve within minutes.

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