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Allego E-commerce

ALLEGO Global Inc., headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, is an international consulting and trading group with an integrated global network. ALLEGO services the needs of our clients, connecting Eastern to Western markets through our four main offices located in Canada, Germany, China and South Korea. We are a diverse group of specialized businesses that have been servicing companies' trading and consulting needs throughout the global market.

In addition to our core business of international trading, we offer premium consulting services for international companies entering the global market.

The ALLEGO Group will help you enhance your firm's capabilities and enter new markets to ensure your company's continued growth. For all industrial and commercial companies who wish to expand their operations nationally and globally, our cutting-edge marketing strategies will enable comprehensive and practical campaigns that are achievable within the client’s scope.

By having first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge of all methods and international standards, we provide our customers with innovative solutions for their procurement processes and offer individual consultancy services.

Our large in-house database enables us to quickly source specialized products and/or solutions to offer prompt quotations and competitive proposals.

We constantly endeavor to coordinate reputable manufacturers and factories to meet customers’ needs in terms of quality and end-user price competitiveness