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For more than 40 years KAMAT have been specialized in one thing: High-pressure applications and solutions. KAMAT develops and produces high-pressure plunger pumps and complex pump systems, as well as complete high-pressure systems, including pump accessories and high-pressure accessories – always at the most detailed manufacturing level. KAMAT’s high-pressure pumps perform up to 1500 kW and 3.500 bar and can be specified in hundreds of variants to suit all customer needs.

Klaus Union

Since 1946 Klaus Union is a market leader in the development of pumps and valves that meet the most exacting quality requirements. Klaus Union’s products are used to transport aggressive, toxic and explosive substances in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

  • Leading worldwide specialist in the market of industrial pumps and valves. The chemical and petrochemical industries make extensive use of our magnetica drive technology 
  • Since their incorporation 70 years ago, Klaus Union has acquired a well-deserved reputation as a leading magnet drive pumps

Magnetic drive technology:

Klaus Union magnetic drive/magnetic coupling technology offers distinct long- and short-term advantages over conventional sealing system. 

This technology does a way with a need for shaft to pass from liquid to non-liquid environments which means that glands and face seal can be dispensed with. The liquid is hermetically sealed in a leakproof, static isolation shell. 


If pumps are used to handle dangerous products, it is essential to avoid even the smallest leakages into the environment in order to ensure the protection of both people and the atmosphere. The ideal solution for such a case is pumps with magnet drive. The first of its kind was introduced by Klaus Union in 1955.

Klaus Union Extensive Product Portfolio:

Klaus Union product portfolio comprises pumps and valves for virtually all industrial applications. In addition to steel and stainless steel, Klaus Union products integrate numerous corrosion-proof alloys based on Ni-Cr-Fe, Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo, nickel and titanium. 

Klaus Union pumps and valves offer optimal safety and reliability, as well as a long service life, and reduce costs thanks to their maintenance friendliness for the following application scenarios: chemical and petrochemical industry; refrigeration and heat engineering; liquid gas plants; electroplating; power plants; and plant construction.