About TK Corporation

TK Corporation is the world largest butt weld fitting manufacturer which is established in 1965. Approved by all of the world’s largest major oil & gas, pertrochemical state-owned companies and giants.

Always has more than 40,000 tonnes of raw material and has the largest manufacturing facility, the ability to carry out any type of project perfectly.

About Pipe Fitting

Pipe Fitting is the core of Piping Components made from Pipe and Plate by welding or forming by mandrel/molds. Pipe fitting is used for transporting, changing the directior or volume of fluid flow, for furcating from mother pipe too.

TKhas possessed lots of knowhow of manufacturing the big size of the Fittings using various kinds of materials, and we are supplying to most of the domestic and international end-users, contractors (EPC) and Shipbuilding

companies for Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, Power Plant/Nuclear power plant/ Desalination and offshore platform, Shipbuilding.

In 2010, after completion of investment for facilities and 2nd factory, TK could achieve world biggest production capacity improving the world market share and competitiveness.

To keep pace with a demands of bigger size of plant industry, TK is taking a leading role by R&D investing and developing of super big size and high-tech metal.